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Four ways to direct student education in 2024

Homeschooling is a broad term which can mean different things to different people. In Florida, the term "homeschooling" is commonly used to describe any parent-driven method of student instruction not affiliated with public education.

In this article, you'll learn the four ways that Florida parents can direct student education in 2024. Broadly, these are the Florida "homeschooling" options to choose from this year.

While each option is slightly different, all provide methods for Florida parents to take charge of student education and begin "homeschooling" their own way.

Traditional (Independent) Home Education

"Home Education" is the legal term for parent-directed student education in Florida. Under Florida law, a parent or guardian may notify a district superintendent that they intend to establish a home education program themselves, rather than enroll the student in a public school. Home education, legal in Florida since 1985, is the oldest and most common way to practice "homeschooling" in the state, with currently over 152,000 Florida students enrolled. Florida home education is a legal and accepted method of satisfying compulsory attendance, and home education students graduate from this program with all the rights and privileges of other Florida graduates. Learn more about this option.

Private (or "Umbrella") School Enrollment

Florida law also permits parents to enroll their students in Florida private schools designed to accept homeschool students. These unique private schools, known as "umbrella" schools, exist throughout the state, appearing in a directory for families to choose from. Umbrella schools provide a framework and oversight for parents looking to direct the student's education in partnership with a Department of Education approved entity. These students may still be guided by their parents and have similar flexibility to traditional home education, but will graduate from the chosen umbrella school instead. Learn more about this option.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is a way for Florida students to receive their instruction from a Florida teacher, one who is certified by the state to teach the grade level and subjects required by the student. With private tutoring, the teaching, record-keeping, and reporting is performed entirely by the certified teacher, in a setting approved by the state. While this method may look the least like homeschooling, it provides yet another way for Florida parents to choose the method of education they believe is best for the student. Learn more about this option.

Personalized Education Program (PEP)

Approved by the Florida legislature last year, the Personalized Education Program (PEP) created a new way for Florida parents to direct student education in 2024. Through the use of tax dollars, the program makes it possible for Florida parents to use state funds to purchase educational materials, enroll students in instructional programs, and demonstrate student results using standardized testing. This program is directed by scholarship funding organizations and creates an opportunity for students to receive a personalized education. Learn more about this option.

Learn More

While independent home education remains the predominant way to "homeschool" in Florida, there are other ways for Florida parents to help guide a student's education in 2024. Florida Homeschool Association (FLHSA) supports a parent's right to choose which educational option and instructional program is best for their student(s). FLHSA provides year-round guidance and resources to Floridians raising the next generation of scholars. Visit our website.

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