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Comparing Options: Home Education vs. Private & Umbrella Schools

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

One of our goals at Florida Homeschool Association (FLHSA) is to explain Florida homeschooling and make the rules easy to understand. When one of our families recently asked for help comparing options, we were glad to create this handy chart:

As you look at the side-by-side comparisons, notice how independent homeschooling is straightforward and the requirements are the same for everyone who chooses to to homeschool this way. The most popular of the homeschooling options in Florida, the rules for independent homeschooling have not changed for many years. (Need help understanding requirements? Read this.)

On the other hand, private and umbrella schools can vary quite a bit, based on the programs and services each provides. There are many of these schools to choose from, but it takes research to find the right fit for every student.

At FLHSA, we recommend interviewing several private/umbrella schools to learn what is and isn't offered, and how those may impact the student at each stage of their education. If enrolling in a private or umbrella school is the goal, there are plenty of options both in and out of state to meet most every need.

Whether choosing independent homeschooling or a private school, choosing a homeschool option is a big decision. But, rest assured, it's not irreversible. With careful planning, it's possible to move from independent homeschooling to a private school, or back again, with minimal disruption to the student. Should you have any questions about how to do that, the experts at FLHSA are here to help.

A free download of this chart* is available here:

Comparison Table 2022
Download PDF • 120KB

* Private school students may participate in athletics if the school enrollment has not reached a certain threshold. Inquire at individual schools to learn more.

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