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What we do

The state's largest secular statewide homeschool association, the Florida Homeschool Association (FLHSA) informs and supports Florida homeschoolers all year long. We invite existing and prospective families to interact within our support forums, attend our live and virtual events, and receive accurate and timely information as it emerges. We encourage regional networking, provide an annual convention and curriculum fair, and send communications which keep our members informed about new legislation, revised protocols, or initiatives with possible impacts on home education. Our advocacy extends to all families, honoring the methods and philosophies that make Florida home education unique. We build relationships with school districts, the department of education, and other entities, with the constant goal of preserving the rights of Florida families to choose home education, and supporting their efforts along the way.

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Explore the benefits of membership

We offer several options to membership needs. All members receive a homeschool ID card and admittance into our private advice & support community.

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