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Frequently Asked Questions
about FLHSA

  • Who may join the FLHSA?
    Anyone can join the Florida Homeschool Association - FLHSA. We welcome parents, guardians, grandparents and others. Our growing community exists to serve and support those with an interest in Florida home education, in all its forms. Our membership often includes teachers, private school principals, tutors and other stakeholders, too. Membership is open to anyone wishing to learn and walk alongside other families in our State.
  • What are some things FLHSA has done for Florida homeschoolers in the last few years?
    In addition to hosting annual events like not-back-to-school field trips, product showcases, and graduations, and providing timely news and updates via their monthly newsletter, FLHSA helps by lending individual family support and by performing special projects throughout the year. Several years ago, FLHSA was instrumental in helping revise the frequently-asked-questions posted on the FL DOE website. Two years ago, FLHSA helped develop the home education program transfer protocol, and the form now used by families moving to another county. FLHSA participated in the development of the Homeschool Affidavit which now appears in DOE's parent resources. This year, FLHSA met with the Speaker's office multiple times, discussing HB 1 legislation and its possible impact on existing Florida home educators. FLHSA has worked with hundreds of people to clarify issues, mitigate disputes and provide procedural guidance when faced with district challenges. FLHSA provides a presence and a voice to home educators statewide, 365 days each year.
  • Is FLHSA a non-profit?
    No. The FLHSA operates as a business in the State of Florida. Membership dollars support the administration and activities of the FLHSA, which exist to serve Floridians statewide and, on a larger scale, Florida home educators nationwide.
  • What discounts will I receive by using my FLHSA Member ID card?
    It would be impossible to list all the retailers, businesses and attractions offering educator discounts in our state (and nationally). In general, however, any location offering a homeschool or teacher discount may be asked to consider the FLHSA membership card as verification of homeschooling. While we do not guarantee results, our members tell us they present our card everywhere they go, most times with success. Members report receiving discounts at book stores, Orlando attractions, retailers (such as Michael's and Target) and at many other locations. We recommend trying the card everywhere you go, to see if it is accepted. Member ID card holders at the Standard Level also receive discounts to our events and products, as well as discounts and coupon codes offered by our partners.
  • What are the benefits of membership? What do I get when I join?
    FLHSA offers two levels of membership: (1) Member ID Card; and (2) Standard Membership (recommended, most popular). Member ID card holders receive a personalized membership card they can print from their Member Dashboard, and the card remains active for one full year. In addition to receiving a Member ID Card, Standard Members receive access to our experts, useful documents and guides, Masterclass webinars throughout the year, discounts on tickets and products, participation in the high school graduation, and more. Both membership levels will auto-renew one year from the date they are purchased using the same payment method originally used. Auto-renewal may be cancelled at any time in the Member Dashboard without any further obligation.
  • Does FLHSA support homeschool lobbying?
    Yes. Because homeschool lobbying is so important to the preservation of Florida home education, we make a $5 donation to Brenda Dickinson, our state’s 40-year veteran home education lobbyist at the Capitol, for every new paid membership to the FLHSA.
  • Is FLHSA a faith-based organization?
    No, your faith stance is not our business. We will never ask you, and try to keep all religious discussions off our forums and events. We do this to focus on how we are alike, not how we are different. While we love and respect the totality of the homeschooling community, we do not belong to any statewide or national Christian organizations, networks or coalitions, or any specifically faith-branded initiatives.
  • Does the FLHSA provide District and DOE support?
    Yes. The FLHSA remains in communication with district superintendents, liaisons, staff within the Florida Department of Education, and others throughout the state. The FLHSA is committed to sharing relevant information from these entities, and assisting families who interact with these departments, all with the constant goal of adherence to Florida Statutes and insuring compliance and understanding among all stakeholders.
  • Does the FLHSA provide legal support?
    The FLHSA is not a legal organization, however provides information and resources, including an understanding of Florida homeschool laws as they apply to new and existing Florida families who establish and maintain home education programs in Florida; families transitioning in or out of private and umbrella schools; families moving from district schools to home education; and, some support for those using state-funded tax scholarships to provide personalized educations for their students. FLHSA staff and volunteers are not attorneys and, while we endeavor to provide accurate and timely information obtained only from trusted sources, primarily the Statutes, parents are encouraged to seek professional legal counsel, if they believe it is warranted.
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