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Lesson plans to teach a thematic unit about the Florida Panther. Recommended for grades K-3. The objective of this unit is to introduce young children to the Florida Panther, an endangered species found in to the State of Florida. Students who complete this unit will gain an understanding of the panther’s habitat and characteristics, and an appreciation for wildlife conservation. Learning Objectives:

Understand the physical characteristics and habitat of the Florida Panther.

Explore the habits and survival behaviors of Florida panthers.

Recognize the role of the Florida panther in the Florida ecosystem.

Understand the importance of protecting Florida panthers and their habitat.

Develop an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

This is not a printable workbook, but a framework for teaching the unit. Recommend having internet and/or library access, writing supplies, and a basic art kit. Digital file. Total pages: 5



The Florida Panther: Florida's Big Cat

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