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In this thematic unit, students will be introduced to white-tailed deer and their habitat. Students will explore deer anatomy, lifestyle, behaviors, habitat, and gain a better understanding of wildlife conservation. While this unit is Florida-focused, it can easily be adapted to studying other forms of wildlife found anywhere, including other types of deer.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand their anatomy and characteristics
  • Learn about their diet and habitat
  • Explore deer population and their threats to survival
  • Develop appreciation for protection and wildlife conservation


Lessons can be completed daily, weekly, monthly, or as desired. A variety of discussion questions, activities and websites are included, and course facilitators are invited to implement lessons at a pace that best fits their needs.


This is not a printable workbook. This is a set of lesson plans to follow. Digital file. Total Pages: 7

Let's Learn About White-Tailed Deer

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