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*This unit is easily adaptable to use with groups of students, children of any age, and to learn about butterflies in any part of the world


In this thematic unit, students will embark on an exciting journey into the world of Florida butterflies. Students will explore butterfly anatomy, lifestyle, behaviors, habitat, all with a focus on protection and conservation. While this unit is Florida-focused, it can easily be adapted to studying butterflies from around the country, or in different parts of the world.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand butterfly anatomy
  • Learn butterfly life cycle
  • Explore butterfly behavior
  • Study butterfly migration
  • Recognize threats to butterfly habitats
  • Develop appreciation for protection and conservation efforts


Lessons can be completed daily, weekly, monthly, or as desired. A variety of discussion questions, activities and websites are included, and course facilitators are invited to implement the lessons at a pace that best fits their student needs. Lessons: 10. Digital file. Pages: 7


This is not a printable workbook. This is a set of lesson plans.

Let's Learn About Florida Butterflies

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