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Thematic unit recommended for students in the middle or high school grades. This is a Florida-specific study of space exploration and developments at NASA, in Cape Canaveral, and all along the Space Coast. Unit challenges students to learn about Florida's geology and climate, technological advancements leading to missions launched from Florida, and key figures and advancements contributing to Florida's contributions to space exploration. Scheduling is flexible and at the discretion of each family.  This unit includes 8 separate sections, each with objectives, research questions, and projects to complete. Unit also includes an instructor's answer key, grading tips, a resource list, plus ideas for further projects/study. Recommended for an 8-week unit, using one section per week, or a 16-week unit, assigning one section every two weeks. Note, this is not a workbook to print out for students, but rather a lesson guide that instructors/facilitators will follow. Requires significant research and access to resources, including internet access, for best experience. Digital file. Total Pages: 9

Exploring Space: NASA and the Space Coast

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