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Thematic unit study recommended for students in approximately grades 1-4. This is a Florida-specific study about the Gopher Tortoise, a Florida creature with fascinating characteristics and behaviors that children will love to learn about! Students completing this unit will: 

  • Understand the physical characteristics and habitat of the Gopher Tortoise.
  • Explore the behaviors and habits of Gopher Tortoises.
  • Recognize the role Gopher Tortoises play in the Florida ecosystem.
  • Understand the importance of protecting Gopher Tortoises and their burrows.
  • Develop an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Scheduling is flexible and at the discretion of instructor or course facilitator. This unit includes four sections encompassing a total of 10 lessons to complete, each including study questions to research and activities to complete. Recommended for an 10-day unit, one lesson per day; or alternatively a 5-week unit using two lessons per week. Note, this is not a workbook to print out for students, but rather a lesson guide that instructors/facilitators will follow. Some internet links to follow are included (optional). Some activity sheets to be printed are also included (optional). Families may complete all or only selected activities, to create an experience that best meets their needs. Digital file. Total Pages: 8

Exploring Gopher Tortoises: Florida's Natural Architects

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