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Join the Team

~ We always welcome new volunteers, virtual helpers and group ambassadors ~

Contact us if you're available!

Marie-Claire Moreau, Ed.D.

Marie-Claire is a long-time Florida homeschool leader and the current Director of the Florida Homeschool Association (FLHSA).


She welcomes your feedback or communication any time.


Jenn is the person on the other end of our customer service emails and other correspondence about advertising and events.

Chrysalis Wright, Ph.D.

Chrysalis is a Developmental Psychologist, Founder and Director of a Florida private "umbrella" school, and runs an active homeschool support group in Central Florida. She is also a long time homeschooling parent of a large family. She wears many hats at FLHSA including our Graduation Coordinator


Tiffany is one of our group and community helpers. She helps keep our groups spam-free and makes sure the information we share is accurate and timely.


Penny is an expert in social media and advertising. If you've seen or heard anything about us, it's because Penny is just that good.


Cam is a long-time homeschooler who uses her expertise and social savvy to help moderate our group boards and activities.


A homeschool graduate, Sam is the brains behind some of our tech and the problem solver we call whenever things just aren't right.


A member of our ad team, Annette is instrumental in making sure you always know what's going on at FLHSA.


Our graphic lead is always there when we need beautiful images, free printables to give away, or cool infographics. 

Convention Team

Our convention team varies each year and includes FLHSA volunteer and Bright Futures teen volunteers. Without these helpers, our annual convention would never be possible!

Group Ambassadors

Group ambassadors from throughout the state help us organize field trips and handle the details of our regional & statewide activities.

Want to donate your time, too?

We love new volunteers and would be happy to place you somewhere that matches your skills and schedule. It's fun and fulfilling. Please contact us!

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