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Moving? Here's what to do.

If you're changing address, this article explains the steps to take your home education program along with you.

Changing address, but staying in the same county?

If moving within the same county, simply notify the district superintendent's office of your new address. The name and contact information for your homeschool liaison can be found on this list. No other action is needed.

Staying in Florida, but moving to a different county?

The Home Education Program Transfer Request is used when moving from one Florida county to another. It insures the home education program will be moved from one county to the other, without any interruption.

Find the form HERE

By using the Transfer Request form, both counties (old and new) are notified about your new address. You will not need to terminate the program, and you will not need to file a new notice of intent. The anniversary date will be preserved, as will the continuity of the home education program, too.

The Transfer Request Form can be accessed on the FLDOE parent resources page. We recommend keeping a copy for your files, too.

Moving out of state?

If you're no longer going to be living in Florida, it's time to terminate the Florida home education program and file an annual evaluation. These forms are required to properly close out a Florida home education program, and you can find them here on our website:

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