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Message from our Lobbyist: PEP and termination of home education

In our commitment to keep you as informed as possible, we are sharing this very important August 4, 2023 update from our state lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson.

"Step Up has advised that if you received the email this week (August 2023) confirming you have been awarded PEP for your students, then you should go ahead and submit your letter of termination to the county.

You can confirm your award status for PEP in Step Up's system, before doing so... If you have officially been awarded PEP, your scholarship program will now show "FTCPEP" for your student in Step Up's system.

(You will find the FTCPEP confirmation by logging into EMA, then "My Students" on your Dashboard, then clicking "View" next to each individual student. Be sure to confirm "FTCPEP" is listed for each student you applied for! You can visit our forum post linked below to see a screenshot of what this information screen should look like.)

If FTCPEP is showing for your student in Step Up's system, and you still want to receive the scholarship, then you should go ahead and submit your letter of termination to the county for each student who is switching to PEP.

(DOE will be working with the districts to ensure PEP students aren't registered as Home Ed, so you'll want to go ahead and terminate to avoid any issues there.)"

[End of lobbyist message]

Find a sample notice of termination here (use ours, or as an example to create your own).

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