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FLVS and Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers

If you're new to homeschooling in the Sunshine State, you probably haven't yet had the chance to explore all the possibilities of homeschooling in our state. We are committed to letting you know about all the options which are available to you as a Florida homeschooler.

Florida Virtual School Flex

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an online K-12 educational platform that is available for public, private and homeschooled students. Homeschoolers take courses via the "Flex" program, choosing their own classes, and setting the pace and schedule that is best for their own students.

FLVS Flex is free to homeschool families who are using the notice of intent to homeschool, and all the requirements of being a homeschooler still apply. Therefore, while learners take instruction from FLVS online, parents still direct the education, maintain a portfolio and provide an annual evaluation for each student.

Some Florida homeschoolers use FLVS Flex exclusively, while others take only 1 or 2 courses, fulfilling goals and curricular needs using other materials, too. To learn more about FLVS and the Flex option for homeschoolers, visit

Dual Enrollment at Florida Colleges

Florida students in public schools, eligible private schools and homeschools are eligible to apply for dual enrollment. These students can begin their college studies early, by enrolling in college courses before they even graduate from high school.

Students qualify for dual enrollment by meeting a series of entrance requirements, which may include submitting homeschool verification, taking a placement test, or other steps before starting courses.

Homeschoolers who choose dual enrollment can earn college credits which carry into degree programs for Associate degrees, career or industry certificates, or Bachelors degrees later on.

Remember, Florida homeschooling is parent-directed. That means families can choose the different ways their students learn and the different materials they use to deliver instruction. Whether choosing at home curriculum, online classes, group learning using co-ops, or anything else, every Florida homeschooler can receive the education that is just right for them!


Becoming a member of the Florida Homeschool Association provides benefits, like discounts on programs and conference tickets, plus, in depth learning about topics like this. Be sure to review all your member benefits on our website, and remember to join our our Facebook community, too!

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