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Changing homeschool address in Florida

Moving? It's easy to take your Florida home education program with you.

Several years ago, a new procedure for moving from district to district was introduced. The state developed a "transfer" protocol for home educators who were changing their Florida address.

When moving to a different Florida county, families will use the new form:

The form is to be submitted to both counties: old and new. In this way, the home education program is transferred to the new county without any interruption. There is no need to terminate in the old county and no need to submit a new notice of intent in the new county, either.

Home education is important work and continuity is important. By using the new transfer program form, parents never have to worry about changes to their homeschool program during a statewide move.

Note this procedure only applies to existing notice of intent families who are moving from one Florida county to another. When moving out of state, different rules apply.

Find the transfer form here. Remember to send a copy to both counties -- to your previous address and your new address - so that transfer occurs seamlessly.

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