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Self-Portrait Power Traits Assessment
Find out how your child learns before buying curriculum.! Teach the way your child learns best... become your child’s LearningSuccess™ Coach! Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment: Developed by the authors of “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style,” Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson, this assessment will show you how to create successful learning experiences by bringing out the star in each of your children! Find out how your child learns best, customize curriculum, eliminate destructive learning disability labels, avoid conflicts, and coach for learning success! For all: This assessment can be purchased and taken online, and you get immediate printable results and learning recommendations for the 5 Dimensions of Learning Strengths: Disposition, Modality, Environment, Interest, and Talents, plus a downloadable Parent/Student Manual. Use this link to receive a discount of $5.00 per assessment - you pay only $30 per assessment or $25 each for 3 or more. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The Ultimate Guide to Florida Homeschooling
Click to learn about a top-rated book written for Florida homeschoolers:

Ultimate Guide to FL.PNG
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